Trekking in Nepal the land of culture and nature


Traveling is one of the leisure activity that every one of us wants to indulge in. human beings are very social and the need to connect is part of us. It always seems right to want to travel around the world. To want to go out and about meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, have fun and if possible find love.

Nepal is a great travel destination if you are looking to experience a combination of beautiful sites and rich culture. Do you love trekking and hiking? If your happy place is a natural setting with beautiful site and diverse culture, a trekking expedition with Carpe Diem Reisen from Germany will feel like home. Have you always wanted to pay a visit and see Mount Everest, or is it the Annapurna sanctuary in the Himalayas? The easiest way to get there is trekking through Nepal. Join me as we take a journey to discover all the wonderful sites this place has to offer.

As we take the tour we will first visit the temples and shrines. As you know Nepal is a place rich in culture and religion is one of them. The Hindu temples here are a piece of art made from brick, stone and carved wood. These medieval time structures will leave you awestruck by their beauty. The temple in Kathmandu is the center of attraction when it comes to learning about the traditions and early life in Nepal. Did you know that this temple is rumored to have been the home of a living goddess? The famous Swayambuhunath temple is a place of legend. It is said to be Devi Kanya Kumari’s home who is the adolescent form of Shree the goddess

Kathmandu TemplesAfter indulging in the rich culture it is time to take a hike and experience the cool climate of the Himalayas and explore Annapurna. Carpe Diem Reisen is here to make sure your trekking expedition is not only fun filled but also unforgettable. Annapurna is one of the highest mountains with the highest peak at 8,000 meters. It has a total of thirteen peaks at 7,000 meters and sixteen peaks of about 6,000 meters. Apart from the peaks there are beautiful sceneries from any view point.

The trek takes us through the villages allowing a comparison between medieval life as seen at the temple and modern day life. We will trek through the Tibetan plateau into the Annapurna massif. The vast landscape is a sight to see. Between the tropical forest, waterfalls, plateaus, glaciers and the mountain scenery you will be feeling at one with nature at the end of the trek.

Wildlife is another site that you wouldn’t want to miss. Complete the trek in style by visiting the Chitwan National Park in Nepal. Here you will have a wide variety of wild animals to look at. You will see elephants, bears, and deer. If luck is on your side you might see the hard to spot leopards.

Trekking in Nepal with Carpe Diem Reisen from Germany will leave you with good memories to last a lifetime. This trek takes 4-6 hours a day with bathroom breaks and meal time. There are good classic hotels where you can rest at the end of the day. If you are thinking about a vacation trekking in Nepal will provide that refreshed feeling you are looking for

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