The Trek of the Bright Angel Trail

Bright angel trail

As I was hiking into the Grand Canyon in Arizona from the south rim and decided to finally find out if what people said about the Bright Angel Trail was true. My trek began near the main visitor complex at the beginning of Hermit’s Rest Road.

As I walked along the trail I saw the first two landmarks that were 0.7 and 0.2 miles from the start point. These were two tunnels that took the path through Coconino sandstone cliffs. After enjoying the view of the site, I continued along the trail and 1.5 miles from the start, I found a rest house. I sat under a shade as I drank water to quench my thirst. I then exchanged a couple of words with the NPS ranger and went my way.

Now I was walking on a much steeper trail. I washed my face after coming across a small stream on the upper part of the Garden Creek. I then steadily descended towards a rest house that was now 3 miles far. At this point, I did not rest and decided to challenge myself by continuing the trek.

bright angel trail ArizonaAt 2100 feet below the rim, I was less than a third of the way to the end of the trail. My trail would end at the Phantom Ranch. I steeply descended through the Redwall limestone. The trail becomes less steep as it takes in the northeast direction where the cliffs start to slowly disappear. I walked along the valley of Garden Creek which was shallow. Here, the bushes were mixed with yucca and cacti.

Now, I was a third of the way and I entered the Indian Garden. I enjoyed the sight of the flowing spring water that made the atmosphere cool and the environment a green cover and cottonwoods that were tall. I could see a network of paths, the Indian garden campground, various buildings, a small herd of deer and a ranger station once I walked into the small forest of trees. I drunk some water and sat under a shade as I saw some campers use an emergency phone to call their loved ones.

bright angel trail trekkingWhen I went back to my trek, I went past the Garden Creek into the Pile Creek through the Devil’s Corkscrew that has a series of switchbacks. I walked a few miles and started to walk along the Colorado River and got to the Phantom Ranch where I camped for the night



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