The New Zealand Surprise!

By now everyone must know about my fascination for volcanoes. It is a desire that runs in my blood. A force that draws me towards it all points of time. I can’t say that my husband Sam understands it but he has at least learnt to accept it. I started out as a naive trekker who would undertake treks that were way beyond my capabilities. I struggled through them and there have been many times in which I have questioned the wisdom of my actions.

Things have changed now. I have learnt the hard way that the terrain can be challenging and the journey can be arduous. It hasn’t stopped me. It has inspired me. Inspired me to toughen up. To be a stronger person. The volcanoes have ignited a spark within me that cannot be suppressed. It burns brighter every day.

When I got pregnant, I thought that my journeys had come to an end. I thought that for the next few years I would have to forget about my new found passion. It saddened me. Yet like I said before, I couldn’t let go of the passion that burned within me. I vowed to not let myself go. Even though I was pregnant I kept up my exercise regimen. Yes, there were days which I needed to keep my legs up and yet there were days in which I pushed myself ahead.


Then came the baby and all the trials associated with having such a young member in the family. Was I happy? Of course I was! I loved my son. Yet, the longing continued. My husband brought home a brochure one day. Glancing at it I realized that it was a trek to one of the most famous peaks in New Zealand. The Tongario Alpine crossing! My face must have fallen when I realized that he was planning on going for the trek. Sam just laughed at my expression and said, “Just you wait and see!”

Mystified, I let the incident slide. Yet, it kept bothering me. I wanted to join him but there was no way that my five year old son was going to be able to cross the rugged terrain associated with the Tongario Alpine crossing. The yearning within me kept tugging at my heart. I felt traumatized in a way that men wouldn’t understand. I had a responsibility towards my son and that responsibility meant that I had to give up my dreams.

That’s when I realized how lucky I am to have a husband like Sam. He had arranged everything. The flights, the tickets and even someone to care for my little one. His parents were making the journey over so that they could act as babysitters. Since the trek is nothing longer than a day, it meant that we just needed a few days to head out to New Zealand and back. What did Sam have to say about it? Well all he did was look into my eyes and say, “Happy Birthday love!”

Now tell me, which wife wouldn’t love a husband like that?

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