canyonlands National Park

The Maze is located north from UT near the Hite Marina. The district of Canyons is remote and the roads and trails are difficult to access. Visiting this place you should be well prepared with proper equipment and rescue gear. Using maps is the best way to reach the Maze because you are likely not to get lost tracking your way to the Maze. The tails have made the Maze popular for campers and hikers. A permit is important if you are planning for overnight trips. The permit is usually on demand during spring and fall seasons.

Campers may choose their camping sites. The canyon lands have been divided into sites and zones and access is limited to each of these. At the Needles, is where backpackers mostly have their camping sites. Campsites should be chosen at least one mile from the road and at least 300 feet away from the archaeological site. Water at the Canyon lands is limited. The springs scattered in the park provide water for hikers and campers. The water from Colorado or the Green rivers is usually very salty and difficult to purify hence making it had to drink. As a backpacker you should always pack water whenever necessary. Springs may dry up during the dry periods making drinking water very scarce.

canyonlandsTHE TRAILS

There are a hundred miles of hiking in the Canyons exploring the most natural and spectacular features. The Needle trails stretch sixty miles. Some trails are self-guided which are mainly four short trails while there are guides available to guide you through the trails. The trails have a mixture of slick rock benches with sandy washes. The known longer trails are basically very rough with steep passes and drop-offs accompanied by narrow spots or ladder. Small rocks piles called cairns mark the trails. Strong hikers can hike most trails actually in a day.

mesa-archThe Island in sky trails have moderate trails and long trails. The moderate trails will involve elevation like climbing features that the sandstone or descending the Canyon while the long trails will begin mainly at the Mesa descending to the White Rim bench. All these trails are strenuous. If you are doing a short trail you need at least one litre of water per person that is and long trails four litres per person. It is important to carry with you a basic first aid kit, a flashlight and a map. It is advisable not to hike during peak heat and summer days. The easy and moderate trails are the Roadside Ruin,Pothole Point Cave Springs and Slick rock White the strenuous ones are the Big Spring to Squaw Canyon, Squaw Canyon to Lost Canyon, Confluence Overlook, the Joint Trail, Druid Arch, lower Red Lake Canyon and the Salt Creek Canyon

If you are a strong hiker, love hiking, camping, experiencing nature and the most spectacular hiking views, the Maze Canyonland National Park has the most scenic, exploratory hiking trails that will give you the best hiking experience ever.


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