The Family Hike

Each hike and each trek always has something unique about it. Maybe it is a new location, maybe it is the different people you meet or it may even be the company you have on your way. The same trail can yield different results for different people. It all depends on what you seek and what kind of a mood you set out in.

For me, each trail is a quest for peace. Inner peace… Something that is hard to find in a city. This time however things were different. It was the first time my family had decided to join me on an adventure. This trek was destined to be used as family bonding time. I loved my family but it can be fair to say that like all families we had our squabbles. There isn’t a moment that goes by when we don’t spend our time bickering with each other. Though all of us our well past twenty, the squabbles still continue. My parents have long since thrown up their hands in despair.


The truth about it is that we enjoy our little fights. We don’t hate each other. That was what was going to make this trip all the more interesting. With three elder brothers, I am the runt of the litter. Much loved, much pampered and very bullied. My brothers have molded me into a strong personality. I was longing to meet them again. My parents had halfheartedly agreed to join us on our trek too. I’m sure it was my brothers who bullied them into agreeing. Then again, who was I to complain.

Our venue was the sedate Bernese Overland trails. The trails were quiet and the scenery was peaceful. Just what we needed. My dad is an avid bird watcher and much to his chagrin, his children made so much noise that the birds got scared away. His wife was too busy handing out food to the ever hungry horde to notice the chaos that followed us as we went.

Our trek was a simple one. We hiked from inn to inn. The remote location of the inns helped us escape into the arms of nature. For my father it meant a chance to escape from the noise his children made. He disappeared each evening to watch the roosting of birds and came back with interesting stories for all of us. My mother contended herself with lying on the grass and watching the clouds passing by. Every once in a while we joined her and kept her company. It was a favorite pass time that we indulged in as children.

Time passed quickly as it so apt to do when you are having fun. The time spent on the Alpine landscape reminded me of why I was who I was. I reminded me of my roots and why nature was important to me. Our family builds us up to be who we are. I hope that I will be able to impart the same values to my own progeny when the time comes.

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