The Appalachian Dream

Many would say that I’m living the life. Yet there are many who would not agree. What is it that makes my like so different from the rest of the millions of people who inhabit the Earth? What makes it so alluring to some and so repulsive to others? The difference is that I love to travel. I love to travel so much that I became a travel blogger. That’s how I learnt to make my living. I spend time moving from country to country exploring all that it has to offer. Recently, I discovered the joys of trekking. With a few treks under my belt, I was all set to try something new.


My journey had brought me to the famous United States of America. A land that is famous for so many things, that I’m afraid that even the internet has lost count of all that it is famous for. For me the country meant freedom. Freedom to do what I wanted. Since trekking had become my obsession, I started looking for places that would suit my needs. Eventually I found myself mulling over a trail that has been reputed for it’s beauty. That is none other than the Appalachian trail.

The Appalachian trail seemed perfect for me. For those of you who have never heard of it, the Appalachian trail lies between Springer Mountain and Mount Katahdin. That meant that I would finally have an excuse to explore the Eastern realms of the United States of America. It was something that I was really looking forward to.

The Appalachian trails did not disappoint me at all. A large amount of the trails was through dense forests. It helped me get a sense of detachment from the fast paced life of the city. There are places where the trail goes through a lot of wild lands and some really beaten up paths. I can say with certainty that enjoyed it all. The entire journey is in actuality a really really long hike. Some experienced hikers have managed to traverse the entire 3,500 kilometers of it. Some have even done the yo-yo. The yo-yo is a journey in which the hiker does the entire length of the trail and then hikes back to the starting point. I wasn’t that adventurous. In fact, I just did a seven day trek to ensure that I got the experience. My feet grumbled even as I reached the seventh day. I still can’t understand how people are fit enough to traverse the entire distance!

Life is short and we need to live it our way. That is the reason why I decided to challenge the set norms and live life in style. Does it get expensive? Yes, it can but I live a simple life. I don’t need many material pleasures. My words are my income. My stories sell on travel blogs and I support my dream. Am I happy doing what I am doing? Yes! Completely satisfied. Now all that is left is to find someone who shares my dream and then life will be perfect!

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