The Alta Via 1 Route To Friendship

Time to trek again. This time the trek is going to involve my all time favorite companions. I think I need to slow things down and explain a bit. My excitement has been getting the better of me quite a lot. Everything happened a few months back. My group of college friends had a gathering… A college reunion of sorts. The feeling of meeting good friends after long is something indescribable.

Our conversation wavered around all our old memories until someone suggested making new ones. Everyone was game but I was still a little skeptical. After all, it had been years since we met and the likelihood that we would meet again was very slim. As our conversation moved from idea to idea, everyone soon latched on to the idea of a hiking trip. Needless to say, it was a matter of minutes before everyone had their phones out. The internet is a marvelous thing. We soon realized that the trail best suited for our group was the Alta Via One. A long name for a trail and yet it promised to be an easy trek and one which offered a lot of scenic beauty.


I must say that even though everyone was enthusiastic, I still had my reservations about it. We still had to organize our schedules. Some of us had to arrange leave and then there was always the most important part… Finances! Still, a part of me hoped that it would be true. Alta Via One sounded like a fun trail and having my friends along would make the journey perfect.
That was almost six months back. I found myself glancing about hoping to see my friends. It figured.. I always had to be the first person to arrive. I couldn’t help wondering if I had got the dates wrong or maybe the location wasn’t right. I needn’t have worried that much because it was only a few minutes later that I saw the entire gang headed my way.

The trek turned out to be an awesome success. True the company played a large role but the scenery around was breath taking. We had pre-booked a number of huts along the way. One of friends had planned the trek in detail. It was a leisurely walk through the scenic wonders of Italy. While some people did the entire trail a brisk place, we choose to take our own sweet time and enjoy the journey.

Laughter had definitely become the main part of our journey. Bonding with old friends seemed to be the main agenda. While I have been on both strenuous and leisurely hikes, the trek through Alta Via One will always be rated as one of the best in my books. The landscape seemed welcoming and the climate was well suited for trekking. A part of me will always wonder whether I burned more calories from laughing or from trekking. Oh well… I suppose that we will never know. Alta Via One will always be a part of me because of the bonds that I rekindled on the way!

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