Mount McKinley, Denali National Park and Preserve, AK.

Denali Ntnl park

Mount McKinley is regarded as the centerpiece of Denali National Park and Preserve Alaska. Having a height of 20,320 feet, it is the highest peak located in North America and also included in the Seven Summits. The altitude of Mount McKinley is not as high as some other peaks of the Himalayan Range. However, it has acquired an extra elevation of 20000 feet due to its barometric pressure. Several routes can be adopted by people who want to trek. However, it must be kept in mind that trekking all the way up to Mount McKinley not only requires a big contribution of time but also an enormous amount of luck. The most significant factor to challenge your hopes of trekking it to the top is its harsh weather.

If you want to climb Mount McKinley successfully, the most important thing to do is to wait for the right window. This mountaineering would be a small test for people who are professional in this field but a real challenge for people who are amateurs and require a guide to performing the task. Reaching the top of Denali would be a huge thing for beginners because it has the greatest vertical relief on the entire planet. Mount McKinley is rising from its base to a distance of 18000 feet which is even higher than Mount Everest.

Rainbow AlaskaAs said earlier, there are different routes that you can adopt to reach the top of Mount McKinley. However, there is a standard route used by themajority of the guides with their customers which are the West Buttress. West Buttress begins at the height of 13000 feet and will progressively take you all the way to the top of Denali. West Buttress is a challenging route because there is a prolonged exposure due to the elevation. If you are going to adopt this path, be prepared for some physical labor and vertical stepping!

aurora-borealis trekking AlaskaAnother famous and more challenging route towards the peak of Mount McKinley is Cassin Ridge. The course dishes out 2436 meters of climbing exposed due to steep elevation. There is a combination of rock and mixed steep ice throughout the course. Another route named the Harvard Route located at the Wickersham Wall has never been climbed after some members belonging to the Harvard Mountaineering Club. Two kinds of packages are offered for people who are interested in climbing Mount McKinley. There is a beginner’s deal of 8 days and an extended package of 21 days for professionals.



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