Mist Trail, Yosemite National Park, CA.

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If you’ve ever wanted to go Hiking in America, one of the greatest places you can trek is The Mist Trail, otherwise known as (Vernal and Nevada Falls). It has a distance of 3 miles for a round trip of Vernal Falls but a 7 mile trip if you want to go to Nevada Fall. Some people choose to walk from Curry Village, but you can also catch a shuttle bus to the trail head like I did.

Why Go Hiking At The Trail Mist?

When I was at the Mist Trail it had an amazing view which starts at the bridge over look. It starts at the bridge where I was first at,to the over look which continues to follow up to 2 wonderful waterfall views. I’m thinking this is primarily the reason why people love this trail, because it’s waterfalls both combine to more than 900 feet and leaves a spectacular sight to behold.

natural beautyHow To Get There And What To Expect

When I first arrived at Yosemite park, I first came across Curry Village. From there I went to catch a free shuttle bus or you can see if I could park at the trail head parking lot, which you can. Apart from that it’s about half a mile past Curry Village or another half a mile past trail head itself. You may want to get in early because it tends to fill up from people who are doing the Half Dome Hike. Just a word of warning, I found out the hard way that no vehicles are permitted to drive past the the parking lot.


There’s one thing you travellers must know, you aren’t allowed to take anything natural from the national park. But you should also bring gear to keep you dry as you will get very wet from the hike. But don’t worry! It’s only a part of the adventure.

mist trailHiking Time And When To Visit

Everyone says it’s best to go in the spring time when it looks its most amazing, but depending on your level of fitness and how far you proceed to hike, the hike can take anywhere from two hours to five hours if you want a great workout.

Restaurants and Bathrooms

If you get hungry, you’re in luck. There are restaurants and and a convenience store at Curry Village. But if that’s not enough there’s a food stand at Happy Isles when you cross the bridge at Trail head where I had an amazing meal. If you need a bathroom on the hike, you may want to make sure you go at Currey Village because there are only other ones are at the top of the first over look at the top of Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall and not wait too long like I ended up doing.

How Hard Is the Mist Trail Hike?

If you manage to make it to all the way to the top of Nevada Fall, it’s quite difficult, but most people can do it. It’s quite steep to get to both Vernal and Nevada but it’s very much worth it. For an extra bit of challenge the stairs are cut into the cliff side within the last couple of hundred of meters of the hike. For those looking for a more mild hike, they can head upstream to the Vernal fall. Hope you have as much of an amazing time as I did!

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