Dhaulagiri In All Her Might!

The world that we live in is wide and vast. Few people realize the might that the land has. The reason for this is the fact that most of the population is cloistered within their big cities. The luxuries that our life offers us has led us into a false sense of security. People realize the power of the land when natural disasters strike us. Tsunamis, typhoons, tornadoes and earthquakes are highest ranking disasters that make man stop and ponder.

There is however, a much easier way to connect with the land. One that most people don’t chose to use, yet it has always been my favorite. Trekking! Hiking! and exploring! These rank very high on my list of important things to do. Like I said before, the world is vast. This just means that we have a lot to see. The thought of covering the world on foot fills me with a sense of purpose. However, the difficulties that that posses is a lot. That is the reason why I have settled for the second best option. Trekking up the peaks of the most famous mountains that are known to man. gives me a feeling of being one with the mighty peaks.

That’s how I found myself at the foot of Dhaulagiri. A large imposing mountain which is part of the famous Himalayan range. Almost everyone in the world knows that the Himalayas have some of the highest peaks in the world. Though I am not strong enough to conquer the renowned Mount Everest, I definitely wanted to make my way up to the top of Dhaulagiri.

The mountain got it’s name from a Sanskrit word which means white or beautiful girl/mountain. From where I stood, the white capped peak of the mountain certainly looked like the flowing locks of a woman. And like a woman, Dhaulagiri was known to be unpredictable. I steeled myself for the journey ahead and started my limb upwards. Like so many who have gone before me, I was not intimidated at first. The higher you go however just gives you a deeper understanding of the might of nature.


This was a mountain that had been first climbed in 1960. That is just little over 50 years back. The winds and the climate makes the ascent difficult and unpredictable. I found myself stumbling at times. It made me marvel at the way the natives just trotted past us as if it was flat land. It was remarkable. A part of me wished that I could stay in the mountains all my life, just like they did. That however was not going to be the case. I wondered if the expedition itself would be too much for me. Like everyone else I was used to the comforts of home. The mountain barely had good mobile coverage!

The journey was long and difficult but I eventually made it up to the peak. That moment when I looked down at the land below, I realized that I had just formed a new dream in my heart. Dhaulagiri had a big brother and I wanted to climb… Climb to the highest point in the world!

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