Conquering Mont Blanc

Being a woman isn’t always easy. I’ve never let it get me down. In fact, most of the time I’ve accepted the challenge and moved on. Most of my friends think that I’m a little crazy but I’m not about to let men prove that I’m a lesser individual just because I’m a woman! I think that’s the real reason why I started trekking. I wanted to conquer the one thing that seemed so unconquerable… The Earth!

My first real trip was the Tour du Mont Blanc. It supposed to be one of the most popular treks in Europe. A total of 170 kilometers makes this trail a long one. It even requires that a lot of time spent ascending up into the skies. When I say that I mean the trail goes upwards and isn’t just a flat land. Was I prepared for this kind of challenge? I definitely was! It exhilarated me!

At first I wanted company. I asked a number of my friends but they all looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Maybe I had… Maybe I was just more aware of my potential than they were. Whatever the truth behind everything was, I found that I didn’t care. Mont Blanc beckoned and I needed to answer.


My bags were packed and I was ready to go. Since it was my first time trekking and the backpack weighed quite heavily on my shoulders, I sought to try the easiest route. There was no use trying to put myself through the paces if I succeeded in discouraging myself.

My first footsteps on the path with filled with excitement and determination. As time wore on, the excitement died down. There were times when it flared up again. These were when I reached points where I could see beauty all around. There were points on the course where all I could see was the vastness of two countries spread out till the touched the horizons. It touched a chord in me. It made me wonder if I would ever be able to conquer the Earth… At moments like this I wanted to be a part of her and not conquer her. I guess that is what sets a man apart from a woman… The base reason as to why we do things.

The journey lead me through a lot of self reflection. I did not have time to chat and talk. Sadly I did not have anyone with me on the first few days on the trail. I did however come across a number of people who soon befriended me. We didn’t travel together but the passing warmth of a stranger really made a difference in my journey from one point to another.

Would I suggest going on a trek? Yes I would. Would I suggest going alone? That is a tricky question. If you are comfortable in your own skin and you don’t mind silence, then by all means go ahead. If not, then pause and consider. The journey is long and the silence is vast…. In the end it really is a call you need to take!

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