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The Trek of the Bright Angel Trail

Bright angel trail

As I was hiking into the Grand Canyon in Arizona from the south rim and decided to finally find out if what people said about the Bright Angel Trail was true. My trek began near the main visitor complex at

Extreme Treks: The Kalalau Trail, Na Pali Coast Wilderness Park, HI

Kalalau Trail

To me, Hawaii had always seemed like nothing but a total relaxation destination. However, after taking into account the stunningly mountainous land and rugged terrain, I saw that Hawaii has something for even the most extreme of vacationers. This is

Maroon Bells Trail, White River National Forest, CO


If you want something beautiful, but yet a challenge, this is an amazing place to go. It has everything you want if you’re a nature lover that wants an amazing view. It ranges from sometimes flat forest lands to huge,


canyonlands National Park

The Maze is located north from UT near the Hite Marina. The district of Canyons is remote and the roads and trails are difficult to access. Visiting this place you should be well prepared with proper equipment and rescue gear.

Mount McKinley, Denali National Park and Preserve, AK.

Denali Ntnl park

Mount McKinley is regarded as the centerpiece of Denali National Park and Preserve Alaska. Having a height of 20,320 feet, it is the highest peak located in North America and also included in the Seven Summits. The altitude of Mount

The Appalachian Dream

Many would say that I’m living the life. Yet there are many who would not agree. What is it that makes my like so different from the rest of the millions of people who inhabit the Earth? What makes it