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Summer holidays, best sea Italian destination

Sicily cafe

Summer is coming and, as always, this time of year is the best to decide where to spend the holidays.  Italy offers a wide panorama of places to choose from: sea and mountains, cities of art and entertainment, relaxation and

The Trek of the Bright Angel Trail

Bright angel trail

As I was hiking into the Grand Canyon in Arizona from the south rim and decided to finally find out if what people said about the Bright Angel Trail was true. My trek began near the main visitor complex at

Mist Trail, Yosemite National Park, CA.

yosemite park

If you’ve ever wanted to go Hiking in America, one of the greatest places you can trek is The Mist Trail, otherwise known as (Vernal and Nevada Falls). It has a distance of 3 miles for a round trip of


canyonlands National Park

The Maze is located north from UT near the Hite Marina. The district of Canyons is remote and the roads and trails are difficult to access. Visiting this place you should be well prepared with proper equipment and rescue gear.

Blessed At The Peak

With the highest peak in Africa checked off my list, I was now leaning towards another challenge. The second highest peak in Africa of course? Why? I was due to be in Africa for almost two months and I wanted

Between vertigo and ecstasy: Bhutan

Bsassoli Bhutan is a unique country. It made headlines so, years ago when it decided that instead of measuring GDP it would measure “Gross National Happiness” – and has since become for many westerners a symbol of A very different

Conquering Mont Blanc

Being a woman isn’t always easy. I’ve never let it get me down. In fact, most of the time I’ve accepted the challenge and moved on. Most of my friends think that I’m a little crazy but I’m not about

The New Zealand Surprise!

By now everyone must know about my fascination for volcanoes. It is a desire that runs in my blood. A force that draws me towards it all points of time. I can’t say that my husband Sam understands it but

When Destiny Rolls The Dice

I have always wanted to do something that most people would consider insane. What possibly could be more insane than trekking? Trekking up the sides of a volcano! Yes, that has been my dream for a very very long time.

The Alta Via 1 Route To Friendship

Time to trek again. This time the trek is going to involve my all time favorite companions. I think I need to slow things down and explain a bit. My excitement has been getting the better of me quite a