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Summer holidays, best sea Italian destination

Sicily cafe

Summer is coming and, as always, this time of year is the best to decide where to spend the holidays.  Italy offers a wide panorama of places to choose from: sea and mountains, cities of art and entertainment, relaxation and

Conquering Mont Blanc

Being a woman isn’t always easy. I’ve never let it get me down. In fact, most of the time I’ve accepted the challenge and moved on. Most of my friends think that I’m a little crazy but I’m not about

The Alta Via 1 Route To Friendship

Time to trek again. This time the trek is going to involve my all time favorite companions. I think I need to slow things down and explain a bit. My excitement has been getting the better of me quite a

Trekking the West Highland Way

One of the very best ways to see Scotland is to hike the West Highland Way. This 96 mile trail is well maintained and not particularly difficult. With the right preparation, even novice hikers can enjoy the trip. Campsites are

A breath of fresh air

Ever heard of Kungsleden? Kungsleden is located in Sweden. It is popularly known as the Kings trail. It is a 440 kilometer long trail that takes you through North Sweden. What does that have to do with me? I want

Beating A Path On The Mountain Back

It was time to pack up my bags and start moving. Where to? Somewhere… Anywhere… I needed to put on my hiking boots and move. The wild was calling me. Too much of urbanization gets to me and I start

The Family Hike

Each hike and each trek always has something unique about it. Maybe it is a new location, maybe it is the different people you meet or it may even be the company you have on your way. The same trail