Blessed At The Peak

With the highest peak in Africa checked off my list, I was now leaning towards another challenge. The second highest peak in Africa of course? Why? I was due to be in Africa for almost two months and I wanted to ensure that the time was well spent. I had my itinerary ready and most of the famous tourist attractions were already mapped on my atlas.

My fear of heights had still not gone but I wasn’t about to be deterred. My husband Sam and I just loved to trek. Things had gotten easier now that Sam accompanied me on my treks. Unlike me, he was fit and experienced. Sam is the kind of guy who exudes confidence at every step. It works well for me as I ooze uncertainty at every point of the way. Luckily for me, Sam doesn’t mind. His strength gives me confidence.

I had no idea if Mount Kenya was going to be any easier than the previous trek. Just because the altitude is a little lower doesn’t mean that the terrain is any easier. That was the thought that kept nagging me. Sam however was his usual confident self. His motto was, let’s take one step at a time. We will cross the hurdle when we get to it. I however was not built that way. Needless to say, I started fretting from the very beginning.


I did a little bit of research to reassure myself. That’s when I found out that Mount Kenya was made of stratovolanic rock. That piqued my interest. My love for volcanoes kicked in and I started exploring the terrain of Mount Kenya virtually. From the information that I found out, I soon realized that there had been a time when Mount Kenya was Africa’s highest peak. The mountain however had reduced in size after it had gone dormant. A number of glaciers dotted it’s surface and a lot of forested land skirted its helms. In fact, there was even a natural park near it.

I buried myself in the information that internet had to offer. Instead of aggravating my fears, I soon found myself calming down and looking forward to the hike. It came faster than I expected. The journey was arduous. The difference is that this time I had company. I had someone who could make me laugh and divert my attention when I got to scared. I can’t believe I even managed to climb and hike before I met Sam. He had changed my world.

Mount Kenya was as spectacular as it was described to be. As usual every volcano has a gift for me. It wasn’t long before we arrived back to civilization and I realized that my family was about to grow. I was pregnant! Call me superstitious but I will always believe that the volcano called me there for a reason. I braved the hardships that it had to offer and in return it had given me a gift. A gift that I would always cherish. It made me wonder… Will my child have the same draw towards a volcano?

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