Beating A Path On The Mountain Back

It was time to pack up my bags and start moving. Where to? Somewhere… Anywhere… I needed to put on my hiking boots and move. The wild was calling me. Too much of urbanization gets to me and I start feeling trapped. All that a trapped man wants to do is escape. That’s exactly how I felt… Trapped!
I wanted something that would challenge me. Something that would take my mind off life in general. That’s when I found out that a friend of mine was organizing a trip to the Slovenian Mountain trail. It sounded exotic. I said yes without evening thinking about it. All I knew is that I needed to get out into the wild.


It was only much later when I had access to a computer that I found out what the Slovenian Mountain trail was all about. It was exotic.. Yes! That was true! But it was a whole lot more than that. The Slovenian Mountain trail offers a great walk through both mountains and valleys. It takes you up to the peaks and it takes you down to the base. The trail offers you views that you have never seen before. I glanced through some pictures on the net and I was glad I had said yes. I had had an initial feeling of fear creep up on me initially. I was used to being spontaneous and many a times it did not turn out in my favor. I was glad that this was not one of those times.

My friend emailed me all the requirements and it took a while for me to get everything in place. One of the major hurdles I faced was getting leave and managing my finances. Once that was in place everything else fell in place. As a geologist, the area fascinated me. The Slovenian Mountain trail was predominantly made of limestone. The start of the trek however starts at a hill called Pohorje. The interesting fact about this hill is it has magmatic origin. This makes a sharp contrast when compared to the rest of the region. For a geologist, it is as spectacular as striking gold!

The scary part about the trek is that it is quite possibly the longest trek that I have ever dared undertake. The trail spans around 500 kilometers. Though the trail is said to be relatively easy, it is estimated to take 30 days to reach the end of the trail. That makes this a journey that requires both strength and determination. There is no way that you can give up mid way.

Even though a part of me is scared, another part of me is secretly very happy. I want to push my limits. I want to be able to overcome the impossible. If someone else can do it then why not me? At least that is what I keep asking myself. My question to you however is… How far would you push yourself? Would the Slovenian Mountain trail beat you? I asked myself that once and I am going to learn the answer to those questions very very soon!

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