A quest for peace: Laugavegurinn

Laugavegurinn… A name almost impossible to pronounce. Possibly one of the most famous places in Iceland. Iceland by popular misconception, leads people to believe that it is an area covered in ice and snow. Reality however, is something entirely different. Iceland happens to be one of the most beautiful places in the world and is covered with a lot of greenery. Laugavegurinn happens to be the most popular trail that hikers take in Iceland.

Unlike many other trails, this trail is only 55 kilometers long. This makes the distance quite short. Despite the short distance, the trail takes you through a variety of landscapes. That is what drew me to the idea of taking this route. I wanted to see the myriad of colors across the landscape.

Interest is one thing but research before a journey is a must. I did a little digging into the information available on the internet. Accommodation on this trail is limited to six huts. As can be imagined, you have to book the huts in advance. This news disheartened me. I wasn’t about to give up. A little further research revealed that an alternate form of accommodation also existed. Campsites!

There were a few campsites that were available around the huts. It seemed practical and reasonable enough to me. Luckily for me, I was aware that wild camping in the region was not advisable. I’ve heard of many over adventurous tourists who have had a lot of problems because they lacked that one piece of vital information.


For me packing has never been a problem. I factor in the climate and then pack accordingly. Another thing that makes my packing easier is the fact that I already have a pre-prepared checklist. All that I have to do is follow it. After you’ve been trekking as much as I have, you will find that packing soon becomes a reflex.

Excitement coursed through my veins as I stepped off the bus. This was it. My weekend break away from the city and the noise. I loved it. The silence screamed out at me! At least, it screamed out at me over the babble of the excited crowd descending from the bus. Being one with nature is the greatest pleasure that man can have. It is sad that only a few have learnt to enjoy it.

Trekking through Laugavegurinn has till date been one of the best adventures that I have embarked upon. I usually favor the more strenuous and longer treks but Laugavegurinn had it’s own set of charms. It was a place of untouched beauty. A short journey into the wild where birds chirped and an occasional wild animal skirted your part. If you like short treks then this is definitely one that you shouldn’t miss.

For me Laugavegurinn proved to be a saving grace. I was going through a lot of turmoil in my life when I embarked on this trip. It helped me find peace within myself. By doing so, I found peace in my surroundings. In a way, Laugavegurinn is a spiritual journey… One you should undertake only when you are ready to face the facts that the journey can bring to light!

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