A hike in Paradise


New Zealand is a beautiful place. It is one of those countries which still has a lot of virgin land, untouched by civilization and pollution. To me, New Zealand is a paradise. I hope it remains that way for years to come.

It’s been a long time since I planed a trip any place. The weeks that had passed had been stressful and tiring. I needed a break. New Zealand seemed like the perfect place to head out to. The previous time I had visited New Zealand, I found myself feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. While the cities are great, the countryside is awesome!

I had my mind set on going there and once I do that, you know how hard it is to convince me otherwise. I was going through my notes about my previous trip when I realized that I had found transportation in New Zealand a little cumbersome. It wasn’t that public transport wasn’t available but it was costly and a little impractical. I found myself being restricted by it. This time I wanted a little more freedom.

queenstownAccording to my plan, my journey would begin in Queenstown. Queenstown lies on the shore of Wakatipu. It’s scenic beauty made it the perfect place to start. I did a little research online and I found out that there are a number of car rentals available. I knew that my license was valid in New Zealand so I decided to take the plunge and rent a small car. So I did a google search forĀ  ‘Queenstown Car Rentals‘, and I found this great agency. They had a good track record and the online reviews were really good.

It took me a while to layout the route that I would take. I booked the car and reserved a room at a nice little B&B. It was a small car with room enough for two people. Since I was traveling alone, I planned on using the extra space to pack my luggage. After listening to some advice from my friends, I ensured that the car came equipped with a GPS navigator. A few of my friends said that it had helped them a lot when they traveled.

The trip came around sooner than I expected. I found myself immersed in the beauty of New Zealand. I woke up early from a fresh nights sleep and called a taxi to take me to pick up my car. The process of getting the car was simple. I showed them the documents that I had and they printed out an agreement. Once we finalized on the agreement, I was escorted to the parking lot where a beautiful blue car awaited me.

coronet-peakThe journey was surprisingly pleasant after that. The car gave me a lot of freedom that I usually do not have. I was not worried about the cost of transportation since I had already paid for everything. I didn’t have to worry if the last bus timing was near or whether taxis would ply on the route I was taking. Time did not become a defining factor on my trip. It was reassuring and it was peaceful! The trip to New Zealand was perfect! It was everything I wanted and so much more!

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