A breath of fresh air

Ever heard of Kungsleden? Kungsleden is located in Sweden. It is popularly known as the Kings trail. It is a 440 kilometer long trail that takes you through North Sweden. What does that have to do with me? I want to take a trek and go and explore the hidden beauties that Sweden has to offer. Unlike last time… This time I’m prepared.

I decided that this is one trip that I didn’t want to go for alone. That’s why I started bugging my best friend to join me. Being an environmentalist, the trail intrigued her. This is largely because the Kings trail passes through the largest protected reserve in Europe… The Vindelfjallen reserve.

The trail was initially an old road that was used to transport material. It was later turned into a trail for avid trekkers and environmentalists. The Kings trail had drawn my attention to itself a number of years ago. I remember my father talking about the trail. It had long been his dream to meander down the paths and explore the countryside of Sweden. Then one day he finally managed to save up enough money and he got married. My poor mother had to traverse through the wild on her honeymoon. The family still cracks a number of jokes on the topic.

With an emotional link to the place, my mind had long since been made up. I wanted to see the place that my parents called the most wonderful place on Earth. I hoped that I wouldn’t be disappointed.


My friend Sarah was all excited. I had to stop her from packing all her bird watching books. It hadn’t occurred to her that she had to carry the weight on her back everywhere she went. Ever tried arguing with a bird watcher? It is like ramming your head against a rocky wall! Somehow common sense prevailed and she packed just a single book. Later she realized that she could just carry her kindle. You won’t believe how relieved I was! I was going to tell her that she wouldn’t find many charging ports on the way BUT somethings are better left unsaid!

The trail was a peaceful one. Plenty of shade and plenty of excitement. The path got rocky in places but it wasn’t something that we couldn’t cross. I must admit that Sarah surprised me. She displayed higher endurance than I expected her to. In fact, I had a sneaky suspicion that she had been training just for it. Whatever it was, I was glad that I didn’t have to babysit her too much!

What fascinated me the most was the lakes. Crossing the lakes required boats and they were made available to the numerous people who ventured through the trail. The cottages which we found along the way provided a fine place to spend the night too. Perfectly cocooned in the lap of nature.

The Kings trail is an escape from civilization. It is an escape from the stress that life brings. For me the trek was a breath of fresh air. It rejuvenated me and made me feel whole.

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